Geoffrey Siu | CaricatureExhibition Collateral Design
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Exhibition Collateral Design

About This Project

Caricature is an exhibition featuring the Principles of Animation outlined by the late Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston: two of Walt Disney’s main animators. A key feature of animation that Walt Disney Studios perfected was its believability. Animated characters mirrored real life, but in a more exaggerated way.¬†The collateral designed for this exhibition features Disney characters from classics that Frank and Ollie worked on. These characters are injected into local landmarks to highlight¬†the connection between animation and real life.

This project contains a save-the-date tri-fold mailer, postcard book invitation, detachable RSVP card and badges for VIPs, Guests, and Staff for the event.

The postcard photography was a Student Finalist at the 2016 AAF Pele Awards.