Geoffrey Siu | Luis Barragán, Priztker Prize 1980
Geoffrey, Siu, Art, Designer, Graphic, Artist, Honolulu, Hawaii, HI, Paint, Painting, Painter, Design, Wiki Walks, Wiki, Wikiwalks, wiki-walks,
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Luis Barragán,
Priztker Prize 1980

About This Project

Luis Barragán was a Mexican architect whose work integrated mid-twentieth century modernism (with specific attention to the International Style), with the vernacular design style of Mexican architecture. Working to anchor his buildings in the uniqueness of their sites, he also regularly combined natural, organic features of the landscape with the man-made materials. This project addresses Barragán’s approach by highlighting the relationship between the constructed aspects of typographic form and the traditional “landscape” of the page. Specifically it emphasizes the interaction between the positive and negative space of information-drawing the reader’s attention to page margins, the shapes of text and the counter spaces of letterforms.

This project features six cards, a book, a poster, and a package to house all of the contents.